Oh boy!

No, the world must be PEOPLED!

29 December 1987
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Hmmmmm... Let's see; I'm a girl from Sweden who likes drawing (yeah. that's about it).

Sweden is a nice country most of the time, except on the winter and unfortunately it's winter like all the bl**dy time, which is nice for a month and then stops being nice. I might have to change this info when it's summer because then I will have forgotten I hate winter, but right now I want to move to Valencia, or Barcelona, or Rome (someplace warm and beautiful please!)...

I love the Harry Potter books, and I also like HP-fanfiction a lot (preferably the Sirius/Remus kind or the Harry/Draco ;P.. heh but I read a _lot_ of other pairings, and loads of gen-y stuff too). My latest obsessions include, but are not limited to Kyou Kara Maou (lots of love!!!), Ouran Koukou High School and tv-series Bones (well I do study archaeology :P).Other than that... or check out my interests instead, that'll be simpler probably ^_^ I suppose...